The doubts left by the agreement of the Tokyo Games


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After the agreement signed between the IOC and the government of Japan to transfer the Games to 2021, several doubts arise that must be resolved in the coming months. Questions about the calendar, the classification or the dates that must be answered.

When exactly will the Games take place?

It is something unknown. In the pact reached yesterday it is only specified that they will not be in 2020 and that they must be disputed before the end of the summer of 2021. The logical thing is that the dates are similar to those that had been planned for this year, from July 24 to August 9

Will athletes with places continue to maintain it?

Athletes who have already earned a place in Tokyo this summer will retain the privilege, although it must be up to each federation to decide. They must also establish the classification calendar for athletes who still had to earn their place.

What will happen to sports events scheduled for 2021?

Most sports usually place their World Cups in the summer of the year after the Games. Athletics, swimming, gymnastics or canoeing should now think about what to do with these appointments and how they fit in the calendar, although all the federations have been willing to do it.

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