Laurens De Vreese (Astana) does more than 11 hours of home trainer


All news related to the coronavirus“data-reactid =” 19 “> Confined to his home in Belgium because of the coronavirus, the cyclist of the Astana training Laurens De Vreese continues to train, with an” exit “of more than 368 km this Friday on his home- Despite a suspended cycling season, the majority of professional cyclists are trying to maintain their training, such as the Belgian Laurens De Vreese who carried out this trifle on his home trainer the trifle of 368.94 km (4,526 m of elevation gain) as indicated by his Strava account. Aged 31, the rider of the Astana training spent 11h6 ‘on his saddle at 33.2 km / h on average, toasting not far from 9,000 calories. news related to coronavirus


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