Harry Potter, Croque Carrot … how Lopes lives his confinement


“We respect what we have to respect.” Invited this Wednesday on RMC, Anthony Lopes told how he lived the period of containment decided by the government to curb the epidemic of coronavirus. His objective, as for the other athletes who have been put on hold, is to stay in physical shape while waiting for a possible resumption of the season in the coming weeks.

“I’m at home in the Lyon conurbation. We still have fairly strict rules. It’s going well, it’s only the beginning. Thiago Mendes is gone, the others are not, I think Kenny Tete is in Amsterdam with his family but the rest is in Lyon. We have a program given by the club. We don’t have the same facilities but we do with what we have. A lot of players have things at home to keep themselves going is the most important thing. We don’t know how long it will take, but you have to be ready for the resumption, “said the OL goalkeeper, who hopes to start” playing the fastest in full stadiums “.

“My daughters are very happy to stay at home”

Despite the postponement of one year of Euro 2020, the possibility that the 2019-2020 season cannot go to an end exists. “I do not hope so but everything is possible. It would be difficult,” he said. The only advantage of this confinement: being with your family and benefiting in particular from your children. “We are obliged to give the homework we received by email. We do …

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