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In MotoGP not only motorcycles go fast. In the offices, the decisions of the highs, the lows and the plans of future are taken with the same speed in this preseason of the World-wide one of 2020. Especially active the equipment Yamaha because there are already too many blank campaigns. In this January prior to the first test of the course, they have drawn up a plan to try to attack the enemy from all sides, a Marc Márquez who yesterday presented himself with his brother Álex with the best galas of the HRC team and the Honda 2020 in Indonesia.

They are four years of consecutive orange triumphs, with a superiority that stings in the mark of the tuning forks. Since that convulse 2015 in which Jorge Lorenzo achieved his last MotoGP crown, personal and with Yamaha. The Balearic, who withdrew from the competition at the end of the 2019 Valencia Grand Prix, is a key piece in this puzzle that Yamaha has put together to recover the path of success, because it returns to dressing in blue, as a tester, to offer its vision of how to improve the M1 to stop the Honda.

In 2018 Lorenzo saw his dream of being champion with two teams frustrated after Ducati’s “dismissal”, and tried to find a happy ending to his race last year at Honda, but he never understood with a motorcycle made for Cervera’s. A three-year journey that ends where it began, well never forgot the Yamaha, with which he achieved his greatest successes. “When you meet your first love again and fall in love again,” he said through social networks. Yesterday, he expanded his “idyll” on the asphalt: 46 laps and eighth best record. «He has not lost the strengths, and we are already working on the weak. It is docile, not very physical, and for my piloting it is still ideal ». According to Italian media, the Balearic could even participate in the Grand Prix of Catalonia with an invitation.

The three-time world champion is, for now, the last of the movements that the factory has made to dethrone Márquez. Before they tied to Maverick Viñales, who is considered the perfect rider to fight Honda’s races and titles – they were rivals in childhood – when the motorcycle is a little more stable than in recent years.

They look beyond, to the near future that will undoubtedly star Fabio Quartararo, still today on the satellite equipment, but Viñales’s partner in 2021. The Frenchman worked that saddle in a 2019 that annulled all inexperience with a self-confidence similar to that of Márquez himself, who planted battles until the last lap in Thailand, Japan or Valencia.

In the middle of that play, about 41 years old, Valentino Rossi, who has asked for patience and time to decide on his future. Quartararo’s rise will lower him from the main Yamaha, but only he will decide if he has the body and passion to stay active even in the background.

Márquez, in process

The one who follows his rhythm is Marc Márquez, premiere yesterday with his teammate, Álex Márquez, at the presentation of the Honda team in Jakarta. «Glad to reactivate you, the butterflies return in the stomach. I am not physically as I would like, because right shoulder recovery is slow“Said the older brother. And about Lorenzo, he argued: «He will go very fast. It will be interesting to see him after working so hard with Honda ».

«I have already had that special feeling of stepping on the box for the first time and now presenting to the world what this team is, which really makes me feel part of the Repsol Honda. I know there is a lot of work to do and many things to achieve in this 2020, but I am willing to give my best, ”said the little brother. A season of premiere at «Marquez Team» in which Yamaha bets everything to take the prize: dethrone the six-time MotoGP champion.

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