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ANDl NBA All-Star It is one of the dates marked in red by any sports lover. For a weekend the fast pace of competition in the American basketball league to make way for the show, the competitions and the congregation of the best players of the competition in the same weekend. The specialty of the event makes us wonder if it will be possible to extrapolate this practice to football, it is true that in The United States or Mexico have already seen All-Star teams play, but thinking on a large scale and worldwide. It is possible to perform an All-Star in football? We will try to analyze and imagine it.

More good, why not? If football fans are already moved by galas and various events in which several stars coincide, let’s imagine what it would mean to bring them all together in the same game, the audience that will generate and of course, also the money. FIFA could be the entity that organizes it to give the matter more formality and formality. You can also grow the sport by changing headquarters annually as it does with the World Cup.

It is true that football is already sufficiently commercialized and exploited. In addition to this supposed All-Star that we propose, it will be a very bad reception among the nostalgic people who avoid modern football. But that football All-Star will help us to add another great event to the calendar that derives in unique moments, memorable clashes and images for history far from the purest competition.

Maybe finding a date is one of the big drawbacks, the calendar is up and what the teams are looking for is less events and matches, not more. It will really be hard to find a date, since at the beginning of the season many players will give up playing for being on vacation or just coming back and at the end of the season exactly the same thing could happen.

Maybe the ideal time of the year will be mid-season. Like the NBA All-Star, it is carried out near the market closing so that the teams take advantage of the break in the competition, football can follow that model in the winter market. You can take advantage of the month in which the transfer window is open and that practically the whole world of football usually stops the competition, even during a weekend, to make this game and that is comfortable for all confederations. Maybe the last weekend of the month of January, taking advantage of the close one with the closing of the market, could be a good date. But of course, everything is to be specified, the possibilities are several.

In the NBA, the East vs. West has given way to two teams led by the most voted players. In this edition we will have in Team Giannis vs Team Lebron, we could try to imitate that model in football with the most voted players in The Best Awards (if this All-Star is organized by FIFA). A Team Messi vs Team Van Dijk with both choosing from a portfolio of players most voted by fans could be fun. I also know

You can even promote a four-team mini-tournament by adding a team with the third classified (in this edition it will be Team Cristiano Ronaldo) and a team of young players (under-21 or under-23), so that the new generations are also represented in that supposed All-Star football player as well as the NBA, but facing the best and not having their own game. Whatever the formula, seeing the best players of the last campaign captaining teams and choosing their members will be something unique.

If the NBA All-Star is criticized for something, it is because of the lack of competition in the star game, many times the protagonism of the players and the personal brilliance leave aside the teams seeking victory. In the end it is necessary to see the stars compete, for something it is the essence of the sport.

The format should not be too demanding in terms of the load of minutes and that the players seek victory rather than pose it as a pachanga. Maybe one kind of mini-tournament Four teams with matches of half the duration of the usual or in a smaller space could make this event more attractive.

Obviously, basketball leaves more room for creativity and spectacle in its competitions, especially in the one of mates, which for some reason is the main course, than football. Of course it will be possible to enter the contests. The Internet is full of soccer challenges and their development in this All-Star course could be interesting. It can be done from a challenge of score the best foul goal, a challenge of skills or toe.

In short, an All-Star in football will be possible, the possibilities are unlimited and you just have to define it. It will also take a high degree of involvement by FIFA, the rest of the confederations, clubs, players and companies to organize this event, which does not seem so simple. But you never know, the model in the NBA triumphs every season and its export to football could make all parties enjoy a unique and different event.

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