“The key was that we lost 10 balls in the third quarter”


Madrid, Feb 4 (EFE) .- Dusko Ivanovic, coach of Kirolbet Baskonia, said after losing 70-69 during his visit to Real Madrid in Euroleague that losing “ten balls in the third quarter” went to his judgment ” the key to the match. “

“We played a game similar to 15 days ago. Without looking at the last minute in which three offensive rebounds have taken us, our big problem was that in the third quarter we had 10 lost balls,” said Ivanovic.

The Balkan coach was tried to make a bet for some achievement with his queue in the middle, but did not enter the rag at the press conference after the crash.

“Baskonia is an atypical club in many things and we don’t place bets,” he explained to get out of the way.

“Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose in games like that. This time we had to lose, but we think we can do great things this season, although first we have to start winning games,” Dusko Ivanovic concluded.


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