the big emotion of Fourcade and the Blues, sacred in relay


Tears flowed. Émilien Jacquelin, Martin Fourcade, Simon Desthieux and Quentin Fillon-Maillet put an end to a shortage of 19 years for the French biathlon team by winning this Saturday afternoon the men’s relay at the world championships in Anterselva (Italy) . After the race, the four men shared their deep emotion.

“It was a crazy race, full of twists and turns, commented Simon Desthieux at the microphone of RMC. It is even more beautiful when we go through more difficult times and find the highest step at the Worlds. It’s so hard when it doesn’t want to go, but so beautiful when it works. It’s a dream sport. (…) There’s so much happiness, so much joy … I saw Martin moved like never I saw him. We don’t know what to say after that, it’s so nice to see a united team. “

Fourcade overwhelmed by emotion

“We train all year together and we were really aiming for a great place,” said Émilien Jacquelin, also on the RMC antenna. “I didn’t think I was part of this starting four. I worked very hard this year to progress individually and have my place in this team. (…) It’s great and, for me, these are incredible Worlds. “

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