Skaters from Yekaterinburg won the French Cup again: Sport: Regional newspaper


Synchronized ice skating from Yekaterinburg again won the French Cup. The Youth Sports School team once again won the French Cup in Rouen.

According to the press service of the City Hall of Yekaterinburg, 28 teams from 11 countries participated in the championship. In addition to the Russians, young athletes from the USA, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia fought for the title of best skaters in the world,

Two teams represented Russia at the tournament. In the juniors category, the title was defended by the current three-time world champions and 18-time Russian champions – the Yunost team from Yekaterinburg. In the nomination “seniors” the world champions were the Paradise team from St. Petersburg. ”

Yekaterinburg women took first place in the tournament with a margin of 0.85 points. Silver and gold went to two teams from Finland: Dream Edges and Musketeers.

Recall, as reported by Oblastnaya Gazeta, last year Yunost also won the French Cup.

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