Marquinhos says fiesta after Dortmund was “a mistake”


The Brazilian defender regretted the broadcast on social networks of the birthday party organized on the sidelines of the defeat in Dortmund, and the controversy that ensued.

In the eye of the storm after the knockout round of the Champions League lost in Dortmund Tuesday evening (2-1), Paris Saint-Germain players did not settle their case by massively broadcasting images on the social networks of the birthday party of Icardi, Di Maria and Cavani, Only 48 hours after their poor performance. What necessarily give grain to their critics …

Present at a press conference this Saturday afternoon, on the eve of the reception of the Girondins de Bordeaux on behalf of the 26th day of Ligue 1, Marquinhos acknowledged that it had been “a mistake” to share these party images. Particularly towards the Red and Blue supporters. “I think it was a mistake to broadcast images like that. We are all in agreement and aware of this, thus released the international Auriverde. After that, it was a birthday planned before (the match against Dortmund). Above all, we must tell our supporters that it was not a lack of respect. You have to be careful with that (the pictures on social media) because there are people who live for the club. “

However, the former Roma knows that such moments can also consolidate a group, even if it is better to remain discreet in this case. “We also need to think of something else. We are targeted 24 hours a day. It’s our life as a player. But you still have to be careful with that ”, he concluded. For his part, Thomas Tuchel, taken aback, did not wish to dwell on the subject in public, ensuring despite everything that he had already touched two words to the players in the locker room: “I was really surprised by these videos. Really surprised. We talked about it internally. And it has to stay internally “. Case closed?

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