LaLiga Santander 2019 – 20: BRAND Report: LaLiga does not charge children


LaLiga Santander 2019 – 20 After the scandal at the Premier, we analyze what happens in Spain

La revelation of high prices than Premier clubs The children are charged for leaving the grass to the grass, made by the Telegraph, has caused a wave of criticism and outrage in England. Up to 700 pounds ask the teams of the maximum English division to turn children into ‘mascots’, as they are known there, a measure that excludes families with less resources to live an exciting day for a kid.

After the earthquake, in MARCA we wanted to ask how the children who jump with the players to the grass in LaLiga are chosen. And these are the answers.

In Deportivo Alavs normally children do not usually go out with the hand players, not even in most games to take a picture with the initial eleven at the start of the matches. Children who are usually either they are from the quarry of the albiazul set, belonging in some way to the structure of the club or children of the players. I know thatThere is the possibility of being able to send an email to the club so that some children who want to take the photo can do it, nothing is paid and with the previous step of that email to be authorized by the club.

In Bilbao there is no custom that the players go out accompanied by children. It occurs in special circumstances on the occasion of derbies or parties of maximum importance and the accompaniment usually coincides with initiatives of sponsors of the club, which often raffle the place among their clients. Athletic s allows the San Mams matches to have an inn with the starting team. The initiative is open to partners, which can enroll family or friends up to a certain age. The club he charges them the price of the photograph, which will receive the week following the meeting.

In the Atlantic the children who leave are related to sponsors. They come out with Hyundai shirts, which organizes it through a contest. Others give them to Save the children so they have access of the schools with which they collaborate. Also in some games such as the day of the peas or the day of the child Hyundai yields eleven seats to be raffle among children partners of the Atlantic.

And on the day of the child they are assigned to the partners who are celebrating that day. You do not pay for it.

They must be listed on a list to pose with players, family members. In Liga and Copa they don’t date the players, It only happens in Champions and is organized by UEFA. Apart from that, it is usual to see the children of the players in a photo on the grass before starting the games.

In the case of Betis, children who wish to jump to the field with the players they do it for free since it doesn’t cost money. They are elected by lottery Pure and the two premises that must meet to participate in it are: be between 6 and 11 years old and be club members.

They go to the official club store and they request it. They have to wear, for the photo, official clothing of the team this season. Then if they want the paper photo must be paid.

With showing up at the club’s offices or calling them is enough to be able to pose with the players before the match. Easy ace. You have to fill out a previous form. The maximum number of children, between 3 and 12 years, which can jump to the field with the players per game is 25. It is the same entity that manages the list of children. Each subscriber can register a child.

Espanyol does not offer this possibility nor has it priced. Only the players are accompanied to the field in two scenarios. On the one hand, with a solidarity intention. Without going any further, against Athletic, boys and girls jumped to the grass to support the victims of the Gloria storm and the coronavirus. On the other hand, within the framework of agreements with different sponsors of the club. However, in this case only the most relevant advertisers have this option.

Getafe does not charge for these actions. It is an action of loyalty with fans and the azulona quarry. They sign up at the store and are called in a waiting order. They always come out in every game. Except five matches that are commitments to sponsors. Children also leave with flags around the field, all from the quarry.

All Granada fans can request the photo with the initial eleven for children under 14, an experience for which they don’t have to pay economic amount any. Of course, for the occasion the children must wear the official equipment of the 2019/20 season, or failing that the official shirt of Granada presents the campaign and jeans. In addition, taking the picture does not involve the invitation to the meeting.

It is not a commercial activity of Legans. Some sponsors are entitled to it del Lega and LaLiga. The usual thing is to leave school and quarry children, some with sponsor brands. In addition, fans can contact the club for children to take pictures with the first team.

The Levante does not usually go out to the field accompanied from the tunnel. The Orriols set only go out with children on special occasions related to promotional events and in a timely manner.

In Mallorca, it is the Fundaci Reial Mallorca that manages the departure of children to the field. They don’t get out of hand as in England, just jump to take the picture with the team and in no case pay to be photographed.

The Foundation is changing teams on the island and not only children leave clubs, also from different educational and social inclusion centers.

Osasuna Does not charge any amount because the children jump to the lawn next to their pains. The reddish club it offers the possibility that the partners point their sons and daughters and a list is made to organize the children in shifts and parties. It is also common to see the members of the different schools of Osasuna Foundation, distributed by Navarra, take pictures on foot of field with the eleven holder.

Real Madrid only seeks to satisfy the younger fans and transfer what their pain feels when they jump to Santiago Bernabu. For this reason in each League match eleven boys and girls accompany the Real Madrid players in the starting protocol to the lawn. There is no money involved. Little madridistas pass through the tunnel of costumes that are very good children of members, children related to the Foundation, friendships of the players themselves or managers or of people related to the club. There is no business involved.

The Real Sociedad does not charge children who go out to the matches from the hand of the players. They come out of a raffle. Every week that there is a game at home, several schools visit Zubieta for free. Come a while the training of the boys, another time the training of the girls, know the facilities, they are projected a video about the history of the Real, they have a talk with a player and a player. Among all the children that go, a raffle is made to see who leaves.

I know there is another issue, which is the take the picture with the initial eleven in each match, just before the start. It’s free for boys and girls who are partners. Those who are not have to pay 50 euros, in exchange for taking the picture and two tickets to the game.

In Sevilla you do not pay to go out to the field to be photographed with the players. The club enables a list for members to sign up for. Those, those that come out of the players hand are usually familiar of the professionals themselves or close to club people. Not all players carry children in their hands. Others are always accompanied by their sons or daughters, such as Banega or Ocampos.

Valencia distinguishes two situations when children jump to the field: On the one hand, the photo with the team. This situation is handled by the club and is totally free. You sign up on the waiting list in the member service office and when you have to do it you can do the activity. There are a number of conditions. Go with the official clothes of the club season and if parents want to accompany the child they must buy a grandstand ticket to access (in case they are not members of the area).

On the other, jump to the field with the players. It is an activity that is not done in Mestalla. Only on one occasion in the League has it been done and is at the proposal of the League itself and therefore said entity. In Champions it is the Champions League that is responsible for organizing it with its partners.

The club ensures that no one of these activities enters euro.

It changes every week. It is assigned to sponsors or to the store. In addition, any child between 5 and 12, with the Real Valladolid shirt, can take the picture before the game with the team.

Villarreal rewards assistance to La Cermica. They make a raffle among the Very Yellow People (VYP) children who are the ones who attend the live submarine. They also appear on the lawn children through actions with the different sponsors Of the entity.

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