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In addition to an amalgam of photos in which he appears celebrating goals and the love that unites him to his partner, Georgina Rodríguez, the social networks of Cristiano Ronaldo they reflect the third great pillar of its existence: training. “The games start during the week,” he wrote on January 30 to accompany four images of the last session with Juventus. This discipline, no longer constant in his career, but barley as he consumed seasons, explains how today, the day he turns 35, his name resonates with the same strength as always in the nightmares of his rivals.

They are all those who aspire to win the Champions League on May 30, because surely that is the wish that occupies the thoughts of the Portuguese when this Wednesday it is his turn to blow the candles. More now that the sun seems to return from its time of rest, a sort of elixir for Ronaldo, never as fierce as when the scent of spring begins to take over the environment. For now, Olympique de Lyon awaits in the round of 16.

After a somewhat hesitant start to the season, five goals in twelve days, Ronaldo boasts a streak, nine consecutive days marking for a total of 14 goals, while focusing on the nth record. It belongs to Batistuta and Quagliarella, who sang bingo in eleven consecutive days. It would be enough for the Portuguese to score at least somewhat in Verona, against Hellas, and in Turin, when Juve will receive Brescia. If successful, he would choose to appropriate the record in the SPAL field on February 22. It would also mean lengthening the story as it never did, because in Madrid it did not happen ten evenings in a row. It was in 2014, between September 13 and November 22, with 19 targets.

Sheets and superheroes

Also ambitious when he takes off his boots, the list of businesses in which the striker is involved does not detract from that of consummate businessmen in the guild of the ball, such as Piqué. The latest news is his conversion into a superhero. The top historical scorer of the Champions has been entrusted to save the world in the comic «Striker Force 7» (Destination), published yesterday in Spain and will also have an animated series. His character, embedded in a Superman suit, sports a luminous seven on his chest.

The Ronaldo Empire encompasses hotels, gyms, perfumes, clothing, sheets – «CR7 Blankets», with the model that has its silhouette about to launch a fault among the most demanded-, restaurants, luxury patisseries or a hair transplant clinic. And he could well be his corporate image: for a few weeks he has been left to queue. You are never too old when you call yourself Cristiano Ronaldo.

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