Ferretti minimizes the Monterrey balance and says that the result “is an impostor”


Monterrey (Mexico), Feb 3 (EFE) .- Brazil’s Ricardo Ferretti, coach of the Tigers, said Monday that he is not worried about the disappointing start of his team in the Mexican Clausura tournament, where he is thirteenth in the classification as a result of two defeats, a draw and a win.

“If we win, my job is to work, demand. And if we don’t win, the same. I don’t change for the result, the result is an imposter,” said the coach at a press conference in Monterrey.

After losing 2-0 on Saturday to Pachuca, the Ferretti Tigers went down to the basement of the standings but Ferreti insisted that the balance does not disturb him.

He said his players are complicated Pachuca court and was dissatisfied with the reverse, but especially with the low performance of his figures.

“On Saturday I did not think how we play, the truth. There is always a detail with us on that court, it is a field that we hardly have a good game,” he said.

Although he has insisted on not disclosing the intimacies of the team, the “Tuca” accepted that there was no scolding to the players for the bad performance and this Monday they worked in good spirits, confident in starting the way back to the good results next Saturday in house before the Chivas of Guadalajara.

“It is a difficult team like everyone else, I don’t expect it to give us anything, we have to prepare well and recover players with physical problems to face them. They have a good coach and good players.”

The Tigers seek to be protagonists of the Clausura and at the same time fight for the title in the Concacaf Champions League, in which they will face on March 19 and 26 next to the Salvadoran Alliance in the round of 16.

He said he is focused on the duel against Guadalajara and will then think about the international commitment.

“We are going game by game, he could not think in two weeks; I have to think about Saturday; I hope we can get good results. When we enter inertia to play the league and in Concacaf I hope to have a complete team because we are now depleted,” he concluded .


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