FC Barcelona: The step behind Messi in Bara de Setin


FC Barcelona The Argentine is delaying his position to create superiority in the middle

Messi, in a montage
Messi, in a montage

For today I throw a little more back, I try to enter a little more at stake. I try to come into play, I try to create superiority in the middle, to have more the ball. ” words of Leo Messi in the interview in Sports world, revealing a detail of the blackboard of Setin which is being translated into relevant data of the Argentine, more pin than finalizer in the last league month.

The action maps of the Rosario show a step back, more contact with the ball in the three-quarter zone, even in the midfield, emphasized especially in the match against the Getafe, which exerted a pressure so high that Messi He was forced to receive many times in his own field. Since the arrival of Setinseven games Leo is being more than 10 false ‘9’, released but with the need to help in the construction in the center of the field, thus freeing up spaces in attack well for Griezmann good for arrivals of From Jong or Arturo Vidal.

There is even an evolution in the delay of his position from the first game against the Pomegranate to the last, Athletic e Copa, Betis and Getafe, touching even the central circle, more prominent in the San Mams game, much dimmer against the azulones in the Camp Nou, where he barely appeared in the opposite area.

This circumstance has its consequence in the number of goals and assists. He is not dialing, but he is attending. Six goal passes in the last three days, no goal in the last four. Own Messi it took away importance in the aforementioned interview: “I have had situations in these matches and I have not been able to convert, but hey, it is something that does not worry me.” Because the goals come back, but it remains to be seen if in the volume to which he is accustomed.

The unmarked streak goes for 31 shots without finding the net, 15 of them to goalkeeper, eight of his worst record, in the 13-14, season that to forget that of the Bara del Tata Martino. Right now, 14 goals and Pichichi in front of Benzema (13), Messi He has been more league games without scoring (10) than scoring (nine). Against Eibar you can make up by balancing them.

Key be, therefore, that this Saturday Messi reconcile with the goal before a week with two big games, before Naples in San Paolo on Tuesday 25 and in front of Madrid at the Bernabu Sunday, March 1. Two encounters that motivate Leo as few, knowing the pending account they have with the Champions at Can Bara and that the duel of Chamartn, without being decisive, can facilitate or complicate the title too much by The league. Either closer or further from the area.

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