Copa del Rey: Copa del Rey 2020 draw, live semifinal crossings


Copa del Rey Granada, Mirands, Real Sociedad and Athletic know their matches

12.15 hours. I leave here the economic distribution of this Copa del Rey, so you don’t miss out on anything.

12.10 hours. Batacazo of Real Madrid and batacazo of Barcelona. The two greats have not been able to qualify for semifinals for the first time in ten years. This is how MARCA’s editorial saw the elimination of culs at the hands of Athletic.

12.00 Good morning everyone! Granada, Mirands, Real Sociedad and Athletic They are the four teams that this week have won their pass to the semifinals and are looking forward to this new draw. From the City of Las Rozas Soccer the crosses of the tie prior to the grand final that will be played at the La Cartuja stadium will be known. To do this, the draw will be pure, so that for the first time in what we have been the tournament Mirands you can play the first leg in a First stage despite being the team with the lowest category. Everything depends on what equipment comes out before the hype.

Because, and this is another novelty of this Cup, these semifinals s that will be a double game and not a single game as the tournament has been so far. In such a way that the first leg matches will be played next week, on Wednesday 12 and Thursday, February 13. For the return we will have to wait a little longer, because European competitions return, so they have set for the Tuesday 3, Wednesday 4 and Thursday 5 March.

After seen so far, this Cup It is already historical. The new format has revolutionized the tournament of the K.O., and what remains. Ten years ago, from 2010, that there were no semifinals Without Real Madrid or Barcelona. That season the title took him on Seville, winning at Athletic in the Camp Nou Neither will have the opportunity to fight again in a final, because both fell in the second round against Mirands and Cultural, respectively. We will see if it is precisely the Matagigantes Mirands, the excited Granada, the grown Real Sociedad or the ambitious Athletic.

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