Copa del Rey Basketball: The Cup already has its controversy: Was there a foul on Konate in the last play?


Basketball King’s Cup Ibersotar players protested a possible infraction

ANDl MoraBanc Andorra he made history by qualifying for his first semifinals of a Copa del Rey after overcoming 85-87 at Iberostar Tenerife. However, the end of the game was not exempt from polmica and the players of the Tenerife group complained about a possible personal fault that if it had been pointed out, the resolution of the meeting could have changed.

With 3.5 seconds left and Andorra one point up (85-86), Iberostar took the bottom with the opportunity to get ahead. Marcelinho Huertas He put the ball into play looking for Lahaou Konate, but the French forward fell to the ground and could not receive. Immediately the Tenerife players protested a possible lack of Jeremy Senglin that the referees did not signal.

Once the match is over, Txus Vidorreta, coach of the island team, gave his opinion on the most controversial play: “Everyone says it’s a clear unsportsmanlike foul. I think it could have been called if it is clear and I have not wanted to see it, “said the technician, who s complained about the difference of free throws between both teams: “The players were very angry in the dressing room. Since 59-59 they have thrown 16 free throws and we three “, sentenced

However, it should be remembered that previously the colleges indicated a personal offense in attack by Senglin himself on Marcelinho that did not fully convince the Andorran side either.

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