BVB offered Klopp less salary than Mainz


Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp commented on his move from Mainz 05 to Borussia Dortmund in summer 2008. BVB’s first offer was surprisingly low.

“After the first talks, Dortmund made an offer. The funny thing was that they offered me less than what I had earned in Mainz in the second division,” Klopp recalled in conversation with Sky Sports and said: “Dortmund obviously thought “Okay, we’re going to get a coach from the 2nd division” – and they just offered something. We said: “We really want to come and we’re not concerned with money. But: Are you serious? Are you really serious?” “

Klopp’s adviser then submitted the old contract from Mainz to those responsible at BVB. “In the end, we signed a somewhat improved contract. It was a perfect decision,” said the 52-year-old German.

Jürgen Klopp: “I woke up and had missed calls from 15 or 20 clubs”

After seven and a half years as a trainer in Mainz, in which Klopp had formed the 05er from an almost safe relegation to a top team and even led to the Bundesliga for three seasons, Klopp was able to choose his next station in the summer of 2008: “The morning after my farewell party I woke up in Mainz and had missed calls from 15 or 20 clubs on my cell phone. At the moment, of course, I wasn’t clear and had to think first. My favorite was always Dortmund, but I hadn’t known until then whether she was interested I didn’t see her on the call list until that morning. “

From 2008 to 2015, Klopp spent seven extremely successful years in Dortmund, winning two championships with BVB, and even the double including the DFB Cup in 2012. In addition, he moved to the Champions League final with the Black and Yellow team in 2013, which was almost narrowly lost 1: 2 against Bayern.

A few months after his departure from Dortmund, Klopp finally hired in Liverpool in October 2015.

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