Arkady Rotenberg: Combat Sambo League does not set the task of rivalry with MMA – Sports


SOCHI, February 22. / TASS /. The Combat Sambo League, the declaration on the creation of which was signed on Saturday in Sochi, does not set itself the task of competing with mixed martial arts (MMA). This was announced during the signing ceremony by the president of the league Arkady Rotenberg.

The declaration was signed by Rotenberg, President of the International Sambo Federation Vasily Shestakov, as well as the heads of all continental sambo federations. The purpose of the declaration is to develop a league of professional combat sambo in the world.

“We do not have a goal to strangle MMA, we simply advocate for our sport,” said Rotenberg. “We are peaceful people and we would like these fights to take place only on the carpet, and friendship, peace and harmony reigned in the world. We are not against MMA, let it develop, we will be friends, and maybe we can take something useful from them, something we have. ”

The first championship of the Combat Sambo League will be held in Sochi on February 22, the championship will be attended by 14 strongest athletes of the Russian junior national team in combat sambo. Among them are 11 masters of sports of Russia, winners and prize-winners of the Russian championship in combat sambo among juniors in 2019. Meetings will be held in seven weight categories: 57, 62, 68, 74, 82, 90, 100 kg.

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