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There is a quite significant detail in the electoral triptych with which Josep María Bartomeu appeared at the last elections: he, as a candidate for the presidency, appears in two of the photographs selected to illustrate the document while Messi, the true supporter of his project, appears in four. Thus, and admitting that nothing is trivial or free in the world of advertising, it does not seem too risky to conclude that of the 47,270 members who on Saturday July 18 exercised their right to vote, 25,823 did not hesitate to place their trust in the Argentinian. Also in Bartomeu and its board of directors, evidently, boosted to the Olympus of good managers by a triplet of historical proportions, the renewal against time of Luis Enrique and, what are the things, the strategic signing of Arda Turán.

Since then, the brand new president has been beautifying the road, including that of his idyll with Messi that no one was able to contradict during the campaign. Joan Laporta tried until the last moment but the explicit support of the Argentine never came to be. Meanwhile, an always skilled Bartomeu allowed himself to be photographed with the closest character to God of the entire Catalan environment, Sr. Lucia de Caram: it worked as a kind of divine sign. The famous trident, another of the main baits in that electoral box, also jumped into the air soon after. The march of Neymar Jr. would try to amend Bartomeu himself this summer, but the failed negotiation with the PSG only served to raise doubts about the economic health of the club, in addition to reopening old wounds: those of a signing that ended with the club convicted of tax crimes and subsequent judicial complications, including a lawsuit by the player himself who is continuing in court.

Espai Barça, the other cornerstone in today's president's electoral proposal, remains unrealized while the initial cost of the project continues to grow as time goes by. Neither the quarry nor the sports centers go through their best moment and, nonetheless, none of this seemed to make a dent in their reputation as a good administrator until the disastrous management in the dismissal of Ernesto Valverde and the subsequent hiring of Quique Setién: a step in false that has filled everything with old broken glass, as in the worst divorces.

All his subsequent argument of the case – which sounded impromptu and somewhat foolish in some points – has only deepened the feeling that Barça is today a club in which Messi and misgovernment reign. Nor does it seem the worst case scenario, on the other hand, especially if one compares it to past stages. Do not go too far to remember Enric Reyna wielding a sealed envelope before the Assembly of Committees, as if he were the Holy Shroud, or Joan Gaspart invested as president with 25,181 votes, only 642 less than Josep María Bartomeu himself, that would put in solfa great part of the previous argumentation: better not to think that this is the real value of the four photos of Messi.

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