Rudy Gobert celebrates his first selection for the All Star Game


The linchpin of the France and Utah team is the first Frenchman selected for the all-star game since Tony Parker and Joakim Noah, in 2014.

“I’m doing my part of the job, I’m trying to help my team win,” Rudy Gobert has told us in recent days. The coaches did the rest. Responsible for appointing replacements for the All Star Game, a week after the announcement of the incumbents, the 30 coaches of the NBA have indeed rewarded the French pivot of Utah and invited him to the next game of stars, on February 16 in Chicago. A first since 2014 for a Tricolor, when Tony Parker and Joakim Noah were selected at the same time in New Orleans. Gobert is only the third Frenchman to obtain this honor after these two. Sacred best defender in the NBA these last two seasons, the ex-Choletais turns 15.7 points, 68.6% on shots, 14.6 rebounds and 2 blocks per match with the Jazz, fourth assessment of the West ( 32 wins, 15 losses).

“data-reactid =” 24 “>” When I talk about it, people say that I am a mourner, he said of the under-publicization of Jazz, he who had shed a few tears in front of the media after his non-selection for the All Star Game last year. But that’s the reality. And the problem is that it affects a lot of other things, like the selections for the All Star Game. But there is nothing we can do about it : the NBA is also a “show” and a business. We know the game and we do what we have to do. “And to add:” It’s for (…) Read more on

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