OM and the 32nd, a complicated story


Ah, the famous first weekend in January: the big return from vacation, the galette des rois and … the galleys of OM in the 32nd finals of the Coupe de France. Forced this Sunday to wait for shots on goal to finally get out of the Trélissacois "ogre" (1-1, 4 tab à 2), a resident of National 2, Marseille has confirmed its tendency to offer itself always painful entries in the oldest competition. To find a dry victory for the Provence team in 32nd (that is to say without extra time or shots on goal), we must go back to January 2012. Eight years ago. Since then, OM has always offered incredible scenarios.

In January 2019, the Olympians had indeed experienced a small humiliation, beaten from the start by ASF Andrézieux-Bouthéon, another N2 team, in Geoffroy-Guichard (2-0). In January 2018, OM eliminated Valenciennes, a Ligue 2, but it had to wait until extension to see Amavi free the Velodrome (1-0).

Grenoble 2015, a very great vintage

In January 2017, it was still at the end of the overtime that OM won in Toulouse (2-1), thanks to a double from Cabella. In January 2016, the Phoenicians started their year with an infamous 0-0 in Caen, before qualifying on penalties.

In January 2015, the OM of Bielsa was illustrated in a very bad way by being released on penalties by Grenoble, then in CFA, …

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