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MOSCOW, January 7. / TASS /. A distinctive feature of the third stage of the Dakar rally-raid in Saudi Arabia was the presence of an insidious special stage with many sharp stones. This opinion TASS on Tuesday expressed the Russian pilot team Snag Racing Sergey Karjakin.

According to the results of the third stage, Karjakin took second place in the buggy standings, becoming the best of the Russians. Spaniard Herrard Farres (Can-Am) finished first, Casey Curry (Can-Am) American finished.

“Today there were several dangerous moments in the dust, because we drove 100-150 kilometers blindly, then a truck will overtake us, then we will be overtaken by another car, then we will overtake it again, such a leapfrog throughout the whole special stage. terrible and risky at such moments, once they nearly hit a stone, but it blew through. The special section is very insidious and dangerous, there were a lot of sharp stones in the sand, especially the stony end of the section. The stones were so sharp that many had to change wheels ", – said Karjakin.

“I don’t know if the stages have gone on increasing difficulty, it’s just that each section is completely different. Any special stage is simple until the car is intact, when everything works, you can drive everywhere, but when something happens to the car, even the most a simple special stage can be hard labor We are a little lost today, but this is a question of the road book, we are very unhappy with it today – many things are written incorrectly because of the quality and how it is written, because of this we got lost, but in the end we added a little pace and played lost time, "said the rider.

Karjakin emphasized that he has not yet focused on his results. “I am satisfied with the result, but so far it does not mean anything to me. Technique has now returned to normal, it works. There is still something to strive for, but we will achieve it,” the agency’s interlocutor concluded.

The Dakar rally marathon is being held for the first time in Saudi Arabia, in total, participants in the race will have to overcome 7.8 thousand km in 12 stages, of which 5 thousand km will fall on high-speed special stages. In total, 342 crews representing five classes went to the start of the rally-raid: motorcycles, ATVs, cars, buggies and trucks. The rally will finish on January 17th.

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