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There are nights when Baskonia is not at all, nor for anyone. A week ago, against Barcelona, ​​the Vitorian team had everything; in the shot and in defense, and sometimes like this, when Dusko Ivanovic had previously opted for anger, after seeing the calico, he chose temperance. It is moving to observe the veteran Montenegrin technician explain himself in the dead times, with an unequivocal didactic vocation, as if in the vertiginous minutes of the competition, he was more interested in his work for the coming months than in the short term.

Meanwhile, Obradovic was reddening on the Fenerbahçe bench as if it were going to explode from one moment to another, despite the fact that his team did quite well, despite the fact that his season was not enough to organize a fireworks demonstration.


Baskonia: Henry (6), Janing (3), Shields (3), Shengelia (21), Eric (4) – initial quintet – Sergi García (0), Fall (18), Stauskas (9), Polonara (1).

Fenerbahçe: Westermann (21), De Colo (11), Kalinic (4), Williams (16), Thomas (3) – initial quintet – Nunnally (0), Mahmutoglu (9), Muhammed (4), Datome (9), Lauvergne (2).

Partial: 11-20, 17-22, 17-20, 20-17.

Referees: Boltauzer, Paternico and Mantyla.

Fernando Buesa Arena of Vitoria, 10,613 spectators.

They are two ways of seeing things. Obradovic's demand in the face of the apparent resignation of Ivanovic, while the points in the Baskonia basket continued to fall and the mistakes followed. One after the other: steps, footprints due to lack of concentration, absurd ball losses (18), shots without criteria, unexplained decisions. All wrong, back to the past. The Baskonia who stayed Sunday outside the Copa del Rey for the second time in the last 23 years and begins to suffer the vertigo of his bad season, returns to depression in the Euroleague.

Three triples followed by Leo Westermann, just starting the game, to put a 3-12 on the scoreboard, were the beginning of the Baskonist end. The Frenchman had four pitches of three scored until the Vitoria match; He got another seven in the Buesa, a revelation as a tripler, perhaps because he was comfortable, always alone, without pressure when rehearsing the shot. Like Ali Muhammed, formerly called Bobby Dixon, the player who was born under a ladder and who attended the funeral of his brother, shot, while watching his mother in front of the coffin, handcuffed. He had left prison just to watch over the boy. Muhammed led his team unhindered, handed out game, enjoyed himself as a youth.

Stuck in defense, flu in attack, the Vitorians always played a couple of steps behind the Fenerbahçe, without being able to catch the Turkish rebuild. With Vildoza in the dry dock, the available bases, Henry and Sergi García, were stunned in the conduction of a team that played with jerks, with continuous braking. It was all a disaster, another one.

Obradovic kept changing color like a traffic light; Ivanovic continued with his containment exercise, but the party did not change his sign. Nothing worked, neither in clear shooting positions, nor in the baskets of the fundamental men. Shengelia wanted to keep the guy as long as she could, but she was too lonely, without help, without hope.

The last arreón, in the absence of eight minutes, settled with another Westermann triple. He had approached Baskonia to eleven points, and had the opportunity to narrow the margin, but the errors returned him to the starting box, to the reality of the Euroleague. Ivanovic hieratic, looked and thought; Obradovic blushed and threw Muhammed's fish, sitting on the bench, for any minimal mistake from his teammates. He won the Fenerbahçe and Baskonia is not at all or for anyone. Only Fall and Shengelia showed their faces.

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