91-77. A Valencia choir opens the gap with Alba and squeezes struggle to be eighth


A Valencia Basket Coral recovered this Friday from his bad start to the match against Alba Berlin to end up submitting and adding a victory that allows him to distance three victories from the German team and tighten the fight for eighth place, which only separates him and the 'basket average'.

The leadership of Sam Van Rossom rescued the team from its weak start and, combined with the maturity of Alberto Abalde and the points of Jordan Loyd and Aaron Doornekamp, ​​allowed him to impose himself on a team that is a direct rival as there is a place of the following edition of this Euroleague reserved for the best of them, for having accessed from the Euro Cup, as long as it is in the top eight.

Alba started the game with much more energy as confirmed by the Nnoko mates who punished the weak local defense. With Hermannsson but also with Luke Sikma at the controls, the German team opened a gap (6-17, m.5) and forced Jaume Ponsarnau to put Van Rossom and Abalde on the track.

The self-confidence of Mattiseck and Giffey helped visitors keep the gap open although the locals began to find themselves much more comfortable on the track (18-27, m.10).

Abalde's enormous confidence continued to feed the Valencia marker and when Doornekamp joined him with two consecutive three-pointers, the difference between both teams was reduced in a few minutes (27-30, m.13).

A pair of triples supported the team of García Reneses at its worst and cut the pace to a Valencia that lastrados to finish his comeback his bad percentage in the shot of 6'75. Alba came to rest even with half of his income (37-42, m.20).

He returned Valencia with Van Rossom again at the controls and in three minutes and with a triple of Jordan Loyd managed to re-draw the clash after many minutes of persecution.

Alba kept calm with the appearance of Mattiseck but Loyd's points allowed Valencia to maintain pressure and finally a combination between Van Rossom and Tobey allowed the locals to complete their comeback (52-50, m.27).

The German team took advantage of the march of the base to re-engage in the game but Valencia did not release the command and came to get ten points ahead. But when he had the option of sentencing the crash, several local losses gave him the option of entering and giving value to the Eriksson triples that had sustained him at the worst moments (72-69, m.34).

Ponsarnau had to put Van Rossom back on the track and although Alba tried to deactivate him with a mixed defense, his assists (he finished with eleven) and two new Doornekamp triples gave the confidence to a Valencia that finally took off and sealed A deserved eighth victory.

Data sheet:

91.- Valencia Basket (18 + 19 + 25 + 29): Colom (6), Loyd (19), Doornekamp (15), Motum (2), Dubljevic (10) -five holder- Marinkovic (4), Abalde ( 16), Labeyrie (-), Van Rossom (2), Tobey (11), Vives (-) and Saint Emeterio (6).

77.- Alba Berlin (27 + 15 + 15 + 20): Hermannsson (13), Ogbe (-), Eriksson (14), Sikma (4), Nnoko (10) -five holder- Mason (5), Giffey ( 8), Mattiseck (3), Schneider (3), NIkic (2), Giedraitis (13) and Cavanaugh (2).

Referees Radovic (CRO), Petek (ESL) and Udyanskyy (GB). Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to the seventeenth day of the regular phase of the Euroleague played in the Pavilion of the Fountain of St. Louis before 7,812 spectators. Before the start of the meeting, a minute of silence was kept by the death of David Stern, former NBA commissioner.


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