90-87. The Joventut grows in the last room to knock Andorra


Badalona (Barcelona), Jan 8 (EFE) .- The Joventut de Badalona debuted in the Top 16 of the Euro Cup with a great victory against Morabanc Andorra (90-87), who dominated the game for 34 minutes but sank in the last five and a half in which he fit 22 points.

The black and white, by the hand of a sensational Nikos Zisis, turned around a game that lost 12 points (63-75, min. 34) thanks to their superiority in the offensive rebound and the mistakes of their opponent from the line of free throws.

In one of Klemen Prepelic's worst days with the green-black shirt (1 of 14 in field shots) the green-blacks managed to recover from it and between Zisis, Morgan and Harangody raised a match that seemed impossible to win.

The black and white again had a bad start to the game (2-9, min. 3) against an opponent who annulled in attack to Prepelic with the defense of Massenat and was very inspired from the three-point line with seven baskets of ten attempts in The first quarter.

Omic did not have his day against the good defense of Musli and the defenses of the locals allowed the Andorrans to dominate the game without problems to finish the first period 16 points up (16-32) with up to six players scoring three.

Nenad Dimitrijevic led the Penya reaction at the start of the second quarter with eight points, including two triples. A partial 10-2 approached the Catalans on the scoreboard (26-34, min. 13) but the Andorrans reacted quickly by bouncing well under their hoop and recovering the success in the outside shot.

Musli and Walker scored to return a comfortable advantage to those of Ibon Navarro (28-42, min. 16) against a Joventut without scoring rhythm in which only Nikos Zisis showed success (36-46, min. 18) while Prepelic finished the first time with only two points.

Two free throws scored by a Clevin Hannah more dedicated to the pass (8 assists) that allowed the Andorrans to go to rest twelve points up (36-48).

The Andorrans were again accurate in the triples at the start of the third quarter to expand the difference (40-54, min. 23) before a Joventut who wanted but could not match his rival rightly.

Omic, well assisted by Prepelic, began to score regularly and get noticed under the boards. A sensational David Walker came to the rescue again and again of his team (50-62, min. 28) but the black and white were cutting differences to enter the last quarter with options (58-64).

The black and white did not lower their arms after the new Andorran stretch after eight points from Walker and a triple from Hannah (63-75, min. 34).

Harangody put on the hero's cape with a triple and a basket of two and Morabanc Andorra sank after a rigorous unsportsmanlike foul on Dejan Todorovic in a fight for the ball with Prepelic after a field behind Montenegrin.

Penya took advantage of the play to get to three points (74-77) after a free kick scored by Prepelic and a triple by Zisis with 4'22 "left.

The Andorrans lost their success in the triples and two baskets of Morgan and Omic after offensive rebound took the tie to the scoreboard (82-82) a minute and a half from the end.

Morgan put Penya ahead (87-84) by scoring a two plus one at 31 seconds from the end that culminated a partial 24-9 and the black and white knew well to which Andorran player to send to the free throw line. Two pitches missed by Nacho Llovet with 87-84 were decisive.

Harangody made the final 90-87 two free throws six seconds from the end and Morabanc Andorra could not find a good shooter to try to force the extension on the last play.

– Data sheet:

90; Joventut Badalona (16 + 20 + 22 + 32): Zisis (19), Prepelic (6), Buford (4), Harangody (16), Omic (16) -initial team-, Dimitrijevic (11), López-Arostegui ( 4), Morgan (12), Kanter (2) and Ventura (-).

87; Morabanc Andorra (32 + 16 + 16 + 23): Hannah (10), Massenat (3), Todorovic (9), Sy (10), Musli (7) -initial team-, Pérez (5), Llovet (4) , Walker (26), Jelinek (7), Senglin (6) and Krampelj (-).

Referees: Zamojski (Poland), Fritz (Germany) and Juras (Serbia). They disqualified Bandja Sy (min. 19). They eliminated Nikos Zisis (min. 40) and Klemen Prepelic (min. 40) for five personal fouls

Incidents: match corresponding to the first day of the Top 16 of the European Championship played at the Palau Olímpic de Badalona before 2,532 spectators.


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