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While the clash at the top between Barça and Real Madrid is vampirized by political news, Zinedine Zidane claims to think only on the ground.

It’s a high-risk Clasico that will be held this Wednesday in Barcelona. The blame for the freelance demonstrations planned for Wednesday around Camp Nou in order to take advantage of the prestige of this meeting like no other, for which 3,000 police and security agents should be deployed. A news which obviously parasites a shock which will oppose the two Spanish giants, co-leaders of La Liga and only separated by goal difference.

Present at a press conference on the eve of this Clasico, Zinedine Zidane did not dwell on this burning news, despite the actions taken around this match, the two teams having to share the same hotel and make the trip to the stadium together "They told us that we should come and play together so let's play together", launched the Real Madrid coach, adding: "The important thing is to play and that's it."

The referee must do his job

Relaunched, the three-color coach has not deviated. “We have to think about saving our energy for the field. This match is a lot of talk but the truth is that we have to be ready for tomorrow ", he added, recalling the sporting importance of this meeting: “We are happy to play a Clasico. I remember the Clasicos that I played as a player. We play for these matches and I only focus on the field. ”

Zinedine Zidane was also careful not to put pressure on the referee of the game, who could suspend the game if pro-independence banners appeared in the stands of Camp Nou. "We must leave the referee alone. He just has to do his job, like us and like Barcelona, he explained. It’s a football game, I repeat. A lot is said, but in the end what people want to see is a good football game. "

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