Thousands of Tsunami activists take the Camp Nou hours before the classic


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Several thousand people have joined the action of Wednesday Democratic Tsunami to turn the traditional Barça-Madrid into an act of independence propaganda of global reach. Thus, the independence activists have come on time and in mass to the appointment set by the anonymous entity several hours before the start of the classic. At five o'clock in the afternoon, a mass of protesters already occupied the immediate vicinity of the Barcelona camp, collapsed with "stellar" protesters and placards in hand.

"Is this the entrance to the Camp Nou?" Asked one clueless protester to another before the Barça stadium. Meanwhile, half a dozen black and hooded youths scoffed at the Mossos who maneuver in front of the stadium. Two hours before the start of the game the tension was chewing in the environment and for once it was not due to what could happen on the grass.

Special deployment

The independence call, which sought to mobilize some 15,000 people, forced the Mossos to deploy a extraordinary operative with hundreds of troops and a helicopter. Also, a dozen vans of the Catalan police have surrounded the Hotel Sofía, a few meters from the field, to ensure the normal concentration of the white and Blaugrana teams, as well as their arrival at the stadium.

At the hotel, players waited for game time in their rooms waiting to leave for the Camp Nou. Before they had eaten and performed some warm-up exercises. Outside, the protesters also "warmed" by singing Lluís Llach and cutting the nearby Diagonal Avenue. To ensure the safety of the equipment, the Mossos have shielded the police cordon of the hotel to ensure that it was only permeable for the customers of the hotel or its restaurant, where, after lunch, some relatives of players drank coffee making time until Start the match.

For their part, the "indepe" concentrates drew a pattern similar to that of any Diada. Some shouts for the freedom of "political prisoners" and hundreds of people making time while waiting for phone-in-hand instructions. Also many flags and banners against the King, the State and the Spanish Justice, groups of teenagers distributing Tsunami propaganda with the phrase «Spain sit and talk» and much anticipation before a sporting event that thin the environment in full negotiations for the inauguration of the acting president Pedro Sánchez.

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