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With Svetislav Pesic what happens to a follower of Sabina when I listened City Fish; I thought something was up to it when he composed it, and made his own movie. Just as the guy was not worth the explanations of Pancho Varona, the hand that has been rocking the composer's lyrics for almost four decades; "Panchito, Panchito, let them interpret what they want, the same is even right", that they scare me if the Serbian technician had not foreseen the reaction of his audience, at the time of the disqualifying technique against Olympiacos, as the best warm-up possible of this Christmas party, unbeatable gift of ACB to his faithful every year end.

The proof that I am right, was the vibrant start-up of theirs (22-5 at the end of the first quarter), and the opposite would have also happened; "You see, the veteran coach was warning the parish since Friday." Some advantage should be the card castors in front of their protagonists.

Each match is different; no two are alike, declared the summoned. Once the common place was thrown into the sand, the previous news in our newspaper allowed us to deny it; With Barça in eight games above 90 points this season, only one rival had taken the victory. Meanwhile, Madrid had lost two of the four meetings with the opponent above 80 points. The idea of ​​a Pesic especially defensive and mooring against Madrid unbeatable half track forward, is a matter under review.

What does not admit doubts is the property of each team when the ball is thrown into the air. Madrid is clearly from Campazzo, in his usual health and in the rare disease (five balls lost in the first quarter). The deconcentration of Facu at the beginning, not only decomposed the attack of Madrid, but also his defense. It is in Barcelona's interest that the rivals focus on Mirotic, and the player loves that that happens. He has returned to be the leading actor. But Pesic's free verse (importance is opportunity; interpret that) sounds like a movie especially with Higgins at the controls. The competition in Europe was designed to suit guys like him, very hungry NBA late and the power of the ball in his hands.

The arrival 10 minutes late from Madrid to the game marked absolutely the rest of the crash. Guys like Delaney need few excuses to pay tributes, and Madrid offered him the most obvious; a biorhythm on the floors. Only Rudy's departure seemed to change the landscape somewhat, but Barca was already playing without a doubt, and with the necessary hardness to prevent large partials against. The second part left us the Barca part of Mirotic's need to claim and the importance of the role that Pesic is giving to Hanga, which increasingly reminds us of that Ron Harper of the Chicago Bulls of Jordan and Pippen; The essential third man.

With so many games ahead on the agenda, and after the scare of Gabriel Deck's knee, Laso did not hesitate to offer minutes to Garuba. What surprises most is the difficult fit of Laprovittola; The feeling is that he was invited to play in a rock band, and he has been with a bandoneon in his hands for five months.

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