Alexander Abrosimov: "Sport should become the norm for every Saratov citizen"


Minister of Youth Policy and Sports of the Saratov Region Alexander Abrosimov summed up the results of 2019.

Sport is the norm

This year gave a tremendous impetus to the development of sports in the territory of the Saratov region. Thanks to federal support, funding for the industry has grown significantly. “Sport is the norm of life” – this is the name of the federal project, which at the initiative of the president Vladimir Putin implemented in Russia since 2019 as part of the national project "Demography".

As a result, the region received more than 300 million rubles from the federal budget. And over the next two years, an additional 1.5 billion rubles will be allocated. The project "Sport is the norm of life" will affect every region of the region. It touches on several areas – the construction of sports facilities, the installation of sites for fulfilling the TRP standards and the material and technical equipment of sports schools of the Olympic reserve.

As part of the national project, in 2019, an open-type indoor fitness center was built in Kalininsk and the Romantika pool in Romanovka, the Yunost stadium in Yershov was reconstructed, and universal sports grounds were installed in 16 districts.

The construction of the Water Sports Palace in Saratov is ongoing, which will meet all the requirements for training professional athletes. This is one of the largest projects that is currently being implemented in Russia.

Particular attention is paid to improving the material and technical base of sports institutions in the region. More than 60 million rubles in the framework of the national project were allocated for the purchase of sports equipment and equipment for six regional schools of the Olympic reserve. We not only purchased the latest models of equipment and equipment for training and performances of the leading athletes of the region at international competitions, but also bought modern equipment for beginner athletes.

At the same time, some types of equipment first appeared in sports schools of the region. I note that the Crystal Olympic Hockey School has been allocated funding in the amount of 25 million rubles. This is the record amount the school has ever received to purchase equipment. Modern simulators have been purchased for safe and effective training of pupils in the correct technique of ice skating and practicing blows.

An automatic cannon has appeared in the school of the Olympic reserve for badminton "Olympic rackets", which creates a tactical model of the game and allows you to simulate the shuttle speed up to 140 km per hour and adjust the frequency of the ejection to two shuttlecocks per second. And the fencing school bought certified tracks and all related equipment that meets the requirements for holding not only all-Russian, but also world competitions.

Rowing and canoeing schools have purchased the latest racing boat models for leading athletes Valentina Plaksina, Anna Aksenova and Kira Stepanova, and also updated the equipment for training.

The updating of the material and technical base is not only within the framework of the national project. Due to financing from the consolidated budget of the region, taking into account sponsorship, the Victory Sports Complex was built with a swimming pool in Krasny Kut, the Lokomotiv Stadium and the Zvyozdny Sports Complex in Saratov were repaired, and treadmills were completed at the Pugachev Stadium.

Pride of Saratov Sports

Pride and admiration for the achievements of our athletes unites all residents of the region. The number of medals won by pupils of the Saratov sports schools at the highest level competitions is growing annually. The quality of sports reserve training provided by our trainers is highly appreciated at the federal level.

In 2019, the number of athletes included in the list of sports teams of Russia in various sports increased to 287 people.

In 2019, there were many bright victories. I want to especially note Kira Stepanova, who was the first of the Saratov athletes to win a license for Russia to participate in the XXXII Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020. In addition, our athlete became the bronze medalist of the II European Kayaking and Canoeing Games.

This season is also successful for speed skating. Danila Semerikov became the bronze medalist of the World Cup and won gold in the men's team race at the World Cup stage.

Continues to delight fans and Vladimir Malkovwho became the bronze medalist of the Badminton World Cup.

Among athletes with disabilities, in my opinion, it is worth highlighting the world champions in swimming among the deaf Philip Torishny, Kristina Shayakhmetova and Andrei Zhivaev, which at the end of the year won the National Sports Award in the category "Overcoming".

In the professional arena, the Saratov region is represented by ten teams in six sports.

At the same time, five clubs immediately defend the honor of our region in the “elite leagues”: Avtodor basketball club, Proton-Saratov volleyball, SGAU-Saratov handball, Delta football club and Turbine speedway.

At the end of 2019, I want to note the Delta football club, which in September won the bronze medals of the Russian Beach Soccer Cup, and also took fourth place in the European Champions Cup, showing the best result among Russian teams.

“Proton-Saratov” this season pleases fans with victories, the club is in the lead of the Super League of the Russian Championship.

Avtodor continues to bear the title of the most popular team among residents of the region. Pupils of Avtodor Artyom Zabelin, Anton Kvitkovskikh, Nikita Mikhailovsky, Alexander Petenev included in the Russian team.

“Falcon” holds a successful season. I emphasize that the team consists of more than 70 percent of students of Saratov sports schools.

Saratov sport rests on legendary personalities and unique people who give themselves completely to work. And each of them is worthy of recognition.

Saratov took a worthy place in the world sports arena

In 2019, 472 physical culture and sports events were held in the region, of which 56 were all-Russian. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Sports entrusted the region with holding international competitions:

– The jubilee XV World Championship in Fire and Rescue Sports was held in Saratov from September 8 to 16. Athletes from 21 countries competed in Theater Square and the Lokomotiv stadium. These were one of the most spectacular starts. As a result, all 4 national teams of Russia became leaders in the team event. During the championships in Saratov, 4 world records were set. All of them belong to athletes from Russia.

– The final competitions of the European Speedway Championship among couples took place, with the participation of athletes from Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, France, Italy, the European team. They took place in Balakovo on August 29. Russian national speedway team, which included Balakovets Vladimir Borodulin, first won the European Championship among couples.

As shown in 2019, the Saratov region brings victory to our teams in various competitions. I hope that such a “tradition” and a high level of organization will allow the region to become the venue for international and European starts even more often.

On New Year's Eve, I want to wish every resident of the region that 2020 will be a record in the number of personal victories, the Minister of Youth Policy and Sports of the region Alexander Abrosimov addressed the Saratovites.

The material was prepared by the press service of the Ministry of Sports of the Saratov Region

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