A former player, now an analyst, suspended for his comments about his teammates


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Inappropriate comments about your co-workers have taken their toll on Jeremy Roenick, former NHL player and currently ice hockey commentator for the US chain NBC Sports.

During his podcast intervention 'Barstool Sports 'Spittin' Chiclets'he who was an NHL player for 20 seasons participated in a relaxed talk about his teammates on television Kathryn Tappen and Patrick Sharp.

Roenick explained that if his wife and Tappen went "to bed together … that would be really good, but it will never happen." While Sharp said he was "too handsome."

NBC Sports suspended the analyst indefinitely and without pay "For making inappropriate comments about his co-workers," a spokesman for the chain explained.

For her part, Kathryn Tappen issued an official note through the NBA in which she described the comments as "unacceptable." «While Jeremy and I are still good friends, what he said was unacceptable, especially among work colleagues. I do not approve your comments ».

Asked during the podcast about a trip last summer to Portugal with Tappen and his wife, Roenick recalled a situation they lived in Portuguese lands: «I was the king of Portugal. When you enter places with two blonde bombs your chest swells a lot more»

He said that a woman, in the hotel pool, asked if the two women were with him, to which he said yes. "Then Kathryn told me to shut up and started yelling at me." «I play like this, you know, we are going to go to bed together all three every night», He continued with the joke. Roenick explained that his wife and Tappen are good friends and that they both yelled at him for this, "but it was worth it, there's no doubt." "Now, if it really happened, it would be really good, but it will never happen," he added.

Then Roenick praised Tappen and said he is "one of the most professional sports personalities I know." "She is as prepared as anyone … She wants people to respect her for her knowledge of sports, not just because she is a pretty face," he added.

The conversation then turned to Sharp and his ghost, how well prepared he was and whether Roenick would sleep with him: «He is so handsome. I would have to think about it if I asked. I wouldn't say no right away»

On which he was his teammate said that "he is one of the best, biggest and best guys on the planet."

Later during the podcast, Roenick said he should try to be careful about the things he said "for my boss … and for the NBC." But it was too late.

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