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In an appeal to the fans, Artashes Harutyunyants also denied the information that the head coach of the Rostov team Valery Karpin could leave his post during the winter break in the Russian championship


The president of “Rostov” Artashes Harutyunyants made an appeal to the fans, in which he commented on the financial situation in the club. The text of the appeal was published on Monday on the official website of the Rostov team.

According to Harutyunyants, the cause of Rostov’s financial problems is the debts accumulated by the team before joining the team in the summer of 2017. He noted that the situation leads to the blocking of accounts, and the closure of old debts prevents the implementation of current payments.

“For the past two and a half years, we have had permanent courts, nuances with accounts and conflicts. At the same time, a small part of everything that happens is in the media. We are developing the academy, the youth team, the first team, despite all the financial difficulties. We have goals and objectives, ”said the president of Rostov.

Among the goals of “Rostov” in the near future, Harutyunyants called the achievement of financial stability of the club, getting rid of debts to obtain a license for financial fair play for participation in European competitions, as well as the return of the Olympus stadium and training base to the club.

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Harutyunyants also denied the information about the possible departure of the head coach of the team Valery Karpin from Rostov. “I support and will support our head coach. Now everyone wants Karpin to stay and work at Rostov. The head coach cares only about the team and the results. Valery Georgievich likes everything at Rostov and he doesn’t want to go anywhere, ”the club president said.

Last week, SE reported serious financial difficulties for Rostov. According to the publication, due to wage arrears and the termination of sponsorship, the team this winter may leave six players of the main team, as well as Harutyunyants, Karpin and sports director Alexei Ryskin.

Karpin later confirmed Rostov’s problems, saying that wage arrears to the team had accumulated over three months. The mentor also noted that he was happy with everything in Rostov-on-Don, but if he left the club Harutyunyants and Ryskin, he would also leave his post.

After 16 rounds of the Russian championship, Rostov scored 30 points and took third place in the standings, ahead of CSKA and Krasnodar in additional indicators.

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