the 5 lessons of Brazil x Argentina


After earning the Copa America title, the Brazilian team no longer knows what victory is. Tite's team reached their fifth straight game without a win after losing 1-0 to Argentina on Friday (15) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

In the first half, Gabriel Jesus even had the chance to open the scoring in a penalty kick but missed the opportunity. Messi then opened the scoring in the rebound of another penalty and despite the Argentinean superiority for most of the game, the score was just that.

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Slow transition

Since starting to look for options for Renato Augusto and Paulinho, Tite has encountered difficulties in the selection. That's because the midfield isn't working the way the coach would like. The offensive transition is slow and he no longer has the man infiltrating the area. Arthur, once again, was below what he can yield and Lucas Paquetá, chosen to start the match, also did not perform well.

In the second stage, Tite bet on Fabinho, who individually even managed to present something interesting to the coach that should give more space to the Liverpool player.

Alisson, a fortress

If the great dominance of the Argentine team did not translate into more goals, much is due to the excellent performance of Alisson. The goalkeeper was very demanding and took care of the message. He returned to the team after a period out of Canarinho due to injury. It is without doubt one of the best in the world in position.

Renan Lodi asks for ticket

Renan Lodi Brazil Argentina Friendly Match 15 11 2019

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(Photo: Lucas Figueiredo / CBF / Press Release)

Alex Sandro was appointed by Tite himself as successor to Marcelo and Filipe Luís. However, the Juventus defender has not been performing well with the national team shirt. Renan Lodi is asking for a ticket, besides the good moment at Atletico Madrid, the player came well both times that was triggered by the coach.

Against South Korea, it is quite possible that Tite will test Lodi, who has good offensive strength, among the holders.

Gabriel Jesus away from penalties

Gabriel Jesus Brazil Argentina Friendly Match 15 11 2019

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(Photo: Getty Images)

Brazilian scorer in the Tite era, Gabriel Jesus has many merits, but hitting a penalty has not been easy for the striker. Of the last four charges he has failed three, one of them this Friday, against the Argentines. The striker had the opportunity to debut but hit badly.

After that, he looked a bit downcast and produced very little. At the next opportunity, it is good for the young athlete to pass the ball to a team mate and let this phase in the penalties pass.

The safety of Éder Militão

Besides Alisson, who was also good was the defender of Real Madrid. He even received compliments from Tite. Militão saved a goal in a Messi submission and was always on alert throughout the game. If the score was not higher, much is also due to what player contributed.


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