Real Madrid sweeps social networks and doubles clubs like Manchester United


Aventura (USA), Nov 22 (EFE) .- Real Madrid is the club with the most followers in social networks worldwide, only closely followed by Barcelona, ​​and a great distance from the rest of the football teams and any other sport, said Friday the head of global global sponsorships, David Hopkinson.

In his speech at a special panel dedicated to the Madrid team in the framework of the Soccerex football fair, which concludes today in Aventura, north of Miami, Hopkinson highlighted the reach of the Concha Espina team globally, as a result of the sporting successes harvested in recent years.

"That popularity around the world has given us a very powerful fan base in every country in the world," he said.

In specific numbers, he pointed out that Real Madrid has 224 million followers in all the main social networks and is the first team in La Liga.

Hopkinson did not want to reveal the data of Barcelona, ​​a team with which he stood out have a "great rivalry", second in the world and that forces them to be "better".

In this table of the first teams of each league, they would be followed in the ranking by Manchester United, as a team that, with 126 million followers, would lead the Premier League list; Juventus of Turin (81), Bayern of Munich (73) and Paris Saint Germain (71).

Beyond football, Indian cricket would appear, with 50 million followers; Los Angeles Lakers, with 39 and NBA leader, Patriots (16) and the Yankees (15) of the Major League Baseball.

Hopkinson stressed that Real Madrid is the third basketball team with the most fans in the world, followed by the aforementioned Lakers and the Chicago Bulls, which would put him ahead of the other NBA giants.

This domain means that the advertising campaigns in which Real Madrid participates have a scope far superior to those of other rivals or sports disciplines, he said.

Together with social networks, technology is also allowing them to reach regional markets in a differentiated way and he used as an example the retransmission of four television signals from parties in the Santiago Bernabéu: for the Spanish market and Latin America, USA. , China and the Middle East.

This virtual signal, he explained, allows them to show the advertising that surrounds the pitch in a segmented manner and in different languages ​​from either different products or brands.

On the scope in the new social networks that are emerging, such as TikTok, application specialized in creating and sharing short videos that has become fashionable in recent months among the younger audience.

"Our strategy is to be everywhere," he said on his Soccerex panel, a summit in which hundreds of companies and experts linked to football make contacts and expose the latest market trends and in which Efe is a collaborator.

And that the digital department of Real Madrid, made up of fifty people, are awaiting the latest trends to increase the fan base and improve the link between the club and its fans.


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