“Our president supports sport like no other in the world. But the system constantly crashes, ”says Vyacheslav Fetisov – Football


The First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Sports Vyacheslav Fetisov spoke about youth sports in Russia.

“I’ll note one more point: our president supports sports like no one else in the world, for which I thank him. But the system is constantly crashing. We do not have a strategist who understands how everything should work. Which could use the Soviet experience as well, but with the understanding of how to transfer this to today's realities.

Come to the academy in Domodedovo, you will see that playing sports for a child is the main thing in its development. In fact, already at the age of 6, a person is determined to play football or hockey. Maybe the child has no talent for this species, but parents want to see their child Ovechkin, Messi, Ronaldo. They want, and the system allows it.

But what if a person has the ability to do something else? And it turns out that we first limit the child, and then throw it away. Can you imagine what he thinks when he is told at the age of 10 that he is hopeless and kicked out of the team? This is a catastrophe! Children's sports should bring joy, develop the child physically and mentally. After all, a lot of things are formed in childhood: character, the ability to move towards some goals. A completely different philosophy of life. And at 10 years old we are chasing children out of teams.

As an example, I’ll tell you one more [story]. One day, a big boss from Old Square tells me: “Glory, such a story is extraordinary. I have a grandson in CSKA, in hockey. They kick him out. He’s a principled father, he doesn’t want to pay, but the boy is eager to play. ” I ask how old. They answer me: "Ten." I was only taken to hockey at ten, and then the child is already being driven out with the stigma of "hopeless." Can you imagine what a tragedy this is for a boy who got high from the game?

And the whole system is geared to such screening. I believe that it is necessary to change it, to set the competitive age as high as possible, to give the opportunity to attend different sections. Today, a six-year-old hockey player must ride six times a week, ”Fetisov said.

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