NBA 2019: Numbers, records and legends that help to enlarge the myth of Luka Doncic in the NBA


NBA 2019 Slovenian knocks down the doors of history again

Numbers, records and legends that help to enlarge the myth of MVP Doncic

LThe barriers are not made to stop a Luka Doncic who has insisted on throwing down any obstacle that prevents him from making history in the NBA. The Slovenian, in addition, does it with the facility of who knows himself superior thanks to "an inordinate trust", as colleagues and rivals point that they continue to surrender to a player called to mark an era as evidenced by the records that he beats almost every night since he landed in the NBA.

The last hesitant of Doncic: bullfighter pass looking at the line

The former Real Madrid shattered the warriors on a magical night in which he signed 35 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, achieving his seventh triple-double of the season and the fifteenth in his NBA career. Numbers that begin to be habitual every night that the Mavericks play, but that on this occasion are even more impressive because they signed them in just 25 minutes on the court. A deed that allows you to become The first player to sign a triple-double with at least 35 points in 25 minutes or less.

A magical night that is summed up in a dreamlike first part and in a first quarter that is already NBA history. Doncic finished the first 12 minutes of the match with 22 points (personal record), five rebounds and five assists being better than all the rival team in those three sections. In fact, that of the Mavericks is the First player to score more points, rebounds and assists than a team in a quarter since Allen Iverson in 2003.

But yes Doncic numbers they impress on their own, they dazzle even more when we put the age with which they are getting to the side. The Slovenian gets tired of beating early marks every night and before the Warriors he did it again by becoming the youngest player in NBA history (20 years and 265 days) to sign two triple-doubles with at least 35 points two games in a row, snatching the record from Oscar Robertson, who achieved it with 22 years and 34 days.

Slovenian, which is the fourth player in NBA history since the 83-84 campaign that makes two triple-doubles two straight games with at least 35 points, signed a dream first part by finishing with 33 points and 10 of 11 in field shots. Some numbers that allow you to become the First NBA player in the last 20 years to sign 30 points, five assists and 90% success in half-field shots.

With his match against the Warriors Luka Doncic He has accumulated more than 300 points, 100 rebounds and 100 assists during his last 10 games, which makes him the fifth player in history to average a triple-double (31.9 points; 11.4 rebounds and 10.5 assists) in that period of time. His fellow travelers? LeBron James, Michael Jordan, Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson.

Pure magic of Doncic: "I put it … for all those who doubt"

All these records and the feeling of superiority that he transmits in each match have placed Luka Doncic in the race for the NBA MVP in his second season in the best league in the world: "All this makes me feel special. What I am most proud of. It makes me feel that we won. We have won three in a row and obviously what we have to do is keep it up. But that they put me in the race for the MVP is special. There are many names, many superstars, but I just try to do my best may l". Word of a boy who still can't have a beer in Dallas, but who has already surrendered to the best league in the world at his feet.

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