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In its most robust and canchera version, reinforcing its Argentina plus, Real Madrid won the CSKA and achieved its seventh victory in 10 days of the Euroleague. The whites ended the resistance of the European champion with a voracious Campazzo (18 points and six assists) and a decisive Deck (17 points, 11 rebounds, six assists and 33 valuation), He arrived in Madrid with 23 years, in the summer 2018, after winning the League of the Americas with San Lorenzo de Almagro as the mvp of the tournament, his first major milestone in a career forged from humility. His shyness touched the withdrawal and his serene bearing was tarnished to deny the poster of Nocioni in power They put him in his target but, a year later, and after reaching the runner-up of the world with Argentina, the kid of Colonia Dora, the Turtle as they know him, begins to emerge. Madrid has found a reef. In his first major continental task, Deck sharpened in attack and concreted in defense of the Laso group to star in a strategic victory in the middle of the interwar marathon.

The CSKA of Tavares was so pending that it left too many doors open in defense. Itoudis did not want that the more than 20 centimeters of difference in favor of the Cape Verdean in his pairing with Hines were a drag and, nevertheless, in his attempt to compensate for the disadvantage, he conditioned for bad the staging of his team. Madrid took advantage of Tavares as a weapon of mass distraction and broke loose with a 9-0 run in the first two minutes. The blast required a dead time of the visitors to rethink the plan and, in the group of the Russian set, they were right with the readjustments. In the resumption of the game, Hines took two consecutive fouls to Tavares who sent him to the bench and led the redhead with a 2-11 turn. Presented the credentials, the two most successful clubs in Europe launched a thrilling exchange of blows.

He sprinkled Madrid again with Deck as sustenance, first covering Campazzo and later Llull. The rebound dominance allowed whites to feel comfortable and run in the open (27-19, m. 11). But CSKA reacted in a big way driven by James and, above all, Voigtmann, with 12 points in that section (28-31, m. 14). Without the injured Clyburn, Itoudis loses his most accredited gunboat but, in the search for solutions, his board becomes more unpredictable. Strelnieks joined the list of episodic protagonists in which Voigtmann was consolidated (17 of the 29 points of his team in the second quarter) and the success from the perimeter (7 of 11 at rest, 63.6%) reinforced the bet Russian However, with three three-pointers of Rudy, some flash of Randolph, the peripheral vision of Campazzo and the firmness of Deck, Madrid endured the play without slack but solidly (52-48, m. 20).

All despite having a bruised rotation. Without Mejri or Felipe, Thompkins is still looking for the touch he lost in his ostracism, Laprovittola has no continental reel and Garuba's appearance did not disturb the rocky Russian troop. But Causeur was careful to serve as Taylor's relay in the initial quintet, in the containment of Hackett and Strelnieks and even in the contribution in attack on the return of the locker room. With two consecutive French baskets and Randolph's third triple, Madrid rehearsed a serious demarrage in the third quarter (61-48, m. 24). Another part of 9-0, as at the beginning of the game, but this time with the lesson learned to keep it. Again with an excellent Deck, in the struggle and completion. Madrid stretched the rope with four more points of the Argentine (66-51, m. 26) while Itoudis looked for another Voigtmann to take him out of the quagmire. This time it did not appear. The CSKA rowed proudly, but Rudy, Campazzo and, above all, Deck tied the white victory. The Turtle stuck its head like never before. After wearing cold blood with the winning basket at Buesa Arena against Baskonia in the League, his first big door task arrived at the Palace.

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