"Communist Party" won the fifth consecutive victory in the Champions League: News: Sport


November 21, 2019 32

Photo: from the website of the City Administration of Podolsk

The KPRF mini-football club at the site of the UCN Yunost successfully held the second match of the UEFA Champions League Elite round. This was the fifth consecutive victory in the Champions League, pleased with the news in city ​​administration.

Unlike the first, which the team calmly and confidently defeated Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina) with a score of 7: 2, the match against the Belgian club Halle-Gooik was not easy – from the first minutes the Belgians pressed hard and attacked sharply. And they scored first: the most powerful free-kick hit the crossbar of our team, from it the ball ricocheted into the goalkeeper and flew into the goal – 0: 1. Soon after the missed ball, our team managed to recoup: Alexander Fukin showed individual skills – 1: 1.

The game went on a collision course – the captain of the team Romulo flashed again with skill: Vladimir Razuvanov took the long range gear well and rolled the ball under attack – the captain not exactly in a comfortable position delivered a blow and the ball flew under the crossbar – 2: 1. On the way to the Final Four it remains to take one step – to beat the Slovenian club "Dobovec".

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