CF Fuenlabrada: This is the revelation of Segunda: a surprising Fuenlabrada


CF Fuenlabrada It is placed second in the classification in its first year in the category

Fuenlabrada players celebrate one of Huesca's goals with ...
Fuenlabrada players celebrate one of Huesca's goals with his fans
Apo Caballero

Y no one can doubt that the Fuenlabrada is the revelation team of LaLiga Smartbank as far as competition goes, more than a third of competition. It is located second in the classification -after the almighty Cdiz-, that is, in direct ascent to First division, and it is that the pupils of Mere Hermoso are setting a dream season and, although nobody wants to admit it in public statements, everyone hopes to fight for higher levels than permanence, which is the first objective set in the year of the debut of the Madrid club in the Silver Division.

Although everyone is aware that the Second is very long and a low quickly takes you to the lowest positions of the classification, but if Fuenla fights for higher levels it is for these seven keys …

LaLiga SmartBank (J16): Summary and goals of Fuenlabrada 3-2 Huesca

Without a doubt it is one of the identity seas of Fuenlabrada. The block of ascent has been maintained and those of Mere know each other perfectly. They have the automatisms learned and the eleven most used holder is the same with which they managed to reach professional football.

The captain of the ship, no doubt. Each speech of a football player is endless compliments towards the coach. He has managed to understand his people and achieve promotion in the season with less budget in recent years.

Mere gestures during a game in the band of Fernando Torres Pablo Garca

Fuenla is not the team that most often generates LaLiga Smartbank, but takes advantage of every dangerous situation. Despite the lack of goal of his strikers, the second line works and condemns his rivals. Hugo Fraile, Nteka, Jos Fran and Salvador are pure success.

The experience is a degree. Juanma Marrero and David Prieto have been holding defenses for years, Iribas saves the reliability of the northern defender and Glauder, despite its youth, it is one of the defenses that wins the most individual duels. But not only do they defend themselves, the team itself covers itself and joins in solidarity without sparing any effort.

It has a name: Hugo Fraile. The Huelva does not make prisoners. He has five penalties and two direct fouls. The end is a safe to stand still and also one of the pichichis of the League. In addition, Iribas accompanies him at each corner throw and Fuenla has enviable records at this point in the course.

Hugo Fraile celebrates one of his eight goals Baldesca Samper

The Fuenlabreo stadium is roaring every two weekends. It is true that It is one of the fields with less capacity in the category, but has the highest occupancy rate of LaLiga Smartbank. Almost 5,000 Fuenlabristas do not leave Mere's team, either at home or abroad.

One of the most veteran teams in the championship … And thanks. Pia and solidarity start from ah. Many players exceed 30 years although it is not being noticed in the physical. Most have lived through all the situations that can be lived in a field and that makes them very reliable.

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