ACB Liga Endesa: Juan Carlos Snchez: "I want Real Madrid to fight with the NBA"


ACB Liga Endesa The head of basketball of the white team surrenders to Laso

Juan Carlos S
Juan Carlos Snchez, responsible for Real Madrid basketball, together with Florentino Prez, president of Real Madrid
Chema Rey

Jby Carlos Snchez, responsible for the Real Madrid basketball section unveil the lines to follow in the future project of the white team and the importance of a quarry that wants to protect as much as possible against the siren songs of the NBA. The manager pas on Real Madrid TV and reviewed his nine years at the head of a section that has become synonymous with success since the arrival of Pablo Laso on the bench.

"It has been fundamental. It brings its coherence, its wisdom and a great desire. The competitive gene that we have always had but that was more or less dead in these years. That gene of Madrid that Pablo has hustled and put it back on the court It was a difficult bet, vein of San Sebastin, of a team of the low zone in the Spanish League and that did not dispute European competition. we had a green light from the president, who told me that if I was clear that Laso was the best option, he agreed. "

"After a meal of more than three hours with people who had nothing to do with basketball, he told me to go to sign my contract at the Bernabu. I solved it in thirty seconds after a three-hour meal … It was a time when Real Madrid basketball was very touched, it had been fourteen or fifteen years regular, in a strange sporting situation. We are seen to see few people, the number of subscribers was ridiculous. Then a project was raised that went through to espaolizar the staff with committed players, for the identification, the quarry and the arrival of great players "

"The president wanted him to place Real Madrid in the situation he had been in the past. Especially as for illusin. That people would believe in us again. He had stopped talking about Real Madrid. We did not count. Now everyone talks about us. I am proud of the bet the club made, which Florentino made. Without him this would not have been possible "

"When we arrived, we were not champions of Spain in any category so we were not doing things wrong. We analyzed it with Alberto Angulo, who was already in the club, and a medium and long-term project is outlined. We have been bringing the best young people in Europe and now many want to come to Real Madrid because of our values, how they work, educate and train with us … Doncic is the clearest example. He is playing in the NBA and pending Real Madrid. He tells you to come see the playoffs if he doesn't have a game there, train with the Madrid anthem on … it's a unique case. I live his growth in the NBA with tremendous pride, but also with courage because if there was no NBA we would have enjoyed it here for fifteen years. Now we have Garuba and Nakic who have already entered the rotation of the first team and who are going to be very good. I hope we have weapons in the future to fight with the NBA and not leave. "

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