92-74. Valencia maintains its energy and overflows a tenacious Zaragoza


Valencia, Nov. 17 (EFE) .- Valencia Basket managed to maintain this Sunday the energy it showed on Friday in its win against Bayern Munich and, guided by a brilliant Guillem Vives, added its second consecutive victory overflowing in the first twenty-five minutes to a Casademont Zaragoza that did not stop looking for a way to get caught in the crash.

Driven by that brilliant European victory, Valencia jumped aware of what to do. He defended and ran to end in counterattack when he could and if not to take advantage of the impudence of Vanja Marinkovic and Maurice Ndour, which allowed him to open the first great gap because in front only Robin Benzing presented resistance (23-9, m.7).

The two teams started the rotations but while Porfirio Fisac ​​did not find any player on his bench to join him, nor did the debutant Dylan Ennis, in the premises, the impetus of Alberto Abalde compensated for the lowering of the defensive bar.

A mate to the Galician counterattack after an excellent pass from Jordan Loyd warned visitors that the game could be escaping early (43-18, m.15).

A downtime of Fisac ​​and the pair formed by Javi García and DJ Seeley allowed the Aragonese team to take advantage of the fact that the changes made the locals lose some rigor but the lack of confidence meant that they did not take out the game that could have been extracted.

That allowed Guillem Vives to recover the helm of the crash and allowed Valencia to reach rest with the match almost in his pocket (53-29, m.20).

He repeated the Valencia quintet and also a good start that neutralized the change of script with a mixed defense with Benzing on end and the rest adjusting that Vives and Marinkovic deflating with three consecutive triples that took the local income to 30 points.

Zaragoza looked for another way to enter the game and found Barreiro and in his alternative defenses that complicated the reading of Valencia, who did not find a way to score fluently.

The locals lowered their defense and could no longer run, nor did they succeed in unraveling the Aragonese skein but when it seemed that they could complicate a triple of Abalde and a counterattack by Jordan Loyd gave him air (77-51, m.30).

Zaragoza continued looking for the slits of the game, with Ennis but every time he seemed to find it, Abalde appeared to close it and force him to look for another but gradually the advantage was reduced (82-66, m.35).

Checking that the final could be unnecessarily complicated, Ponsarnau recovered Vives and immediately the Valencian team stabilized and enjoyed a placid and deserved end of the game against Zaragoza that despite his tenacity could not avoid adding his second straight defeat in ACB.

Data sheet:

92. Valencia Basket (25 + 28 + 24 + 15): Vives (15), Marinkovic (10), Doornekamp (-), Ndour (14), Dubljevic (5) -five holder- Colom (7), Loyd (6 ), Abalde (19), Labeyrie (1), Tobey (9), Motum (3) and Tailor (3).

74. Casademont Zaragoza (11 + 18 + 22 + 23): Alocén (5), DJ Seeley (9), Benzing (12), Radovic (8), Justiz (2) -five holder- Barreiro (12), Brussino ( 6), Vázquez (4), Krejci (2), Ennis (8), Hlinason (3) and Garcia (3).

Referees: García González, Araña and González Gálvez. Barreiro visitor (m.34) was eliminated for personal offenses.

Incidents: match corresponding to the ninth day of the regular phase of the Endesa League played in the Pavilion of the Fountain of San Luis before 7,079 spectators. EFE


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